Monday, September 13, 2010

Post Party

The Island Creek Oyster Festival took place here in Duxbury on Saturday. It was fun. The weather cooperated this year. Last year it rained four inches and it was a mud fest. This week the weather has finally taken a decisive change in course: cool and unsettled. It has been a hot summer, and somewhat dry; a trend that started early and lasted late. Now it is finally changing.

This is the time of year when we finish planting oyster seed. The process involves removing them from their protective bags, then piling them into the skiff, and broadcasting them, with a flat shovel, onto the growout area. It usually works.

The fish are also turned on now - large schools of bass and blues, mixed, are lasting throughout the day. But please don't tell anyone.

I am actually too tired and discombobulated (and distracted by the kids) to write very much or very clearly. Maybe this is enough - with some photos from today.