Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I ended up catching a legal sized flounder today. I won't divulge how, but my efforts to raise one on clams around hooks failed. The water is warming significantly now and the crabs are showing up in large numbers. I would expect the fish to begin shortly. Maybe even tomorrow when the wind goes SSW. We'll see.

I'll start bringing the camera out with me. I've been leaving it in the truck.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too early, too soon.

I went fishing this week. But I didn’t catch anything. I tried for flounder, first on a very windy afternoon. It was sunny and warm, but I was kind of an idiot for even trying. The decision to creep around the point at Saquish was less than smart. It was stupid. I took on some water and ended up turning around and hiding behind Clark’s Island. The wind was west at 25 to 30. Fishing outside was not going to happen. So I called a friend who I thought could guide me a bit through this early season stuff. He told me where to go and this I did, but it produced nothing. It was fun, however. I thoroughly enjoyed baiting my flounder rig and fishing along some of the most picturesque spots in New England – alone.

The next day I ran outside the bay into deeper water. I was sure that something, even a sea robin, would take my bait. But nothing happened. I needed to get back to work so I left and felt somewhat frustrated. But as I rounded Saquish rip I realized that it is still early and that in a couple of weeks it should be a different story. Stay tuned.

The only silver lining is that I caught a 12” tom cod in my crab trap on the oyster grant. I grabbed the slippery bugger – we looked at each other. After a few seconds I concluded that he was more concerned about this situation than I was about mine. But then I put the beautiful fish into the water and watched as it swam back into the depths. The crabs, plentiful, remained in the trap, until the next time.

Anyone interested in green crabs?