Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Few Evenings Ago

The sunset grew from ok to tremendous in just ten minutes. These photos don't really capture the moment.

Things are changing rapidly on the bay. The water temperature has finally dropped significantly, the fish seem to be gone now, cormorants and gulls rule the surface waters, and the days are notably shorter. All this happens within a month.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tonight on the Flats

I just got in...

It drained out fairly well tonight. We were out there to check on the oyster stocks because at these tides we can see where things are distributed and so forth. But I won't get into that aspect of the tide.

The sunset was jolting. Clouds were of multiple hues and the structural contrasts were mesmerizing. I felt small in the world out there, on foot, in the middle of the bay. A fifteen minute walk each way, in soft mud, is what it takes to get out there. We could have used a boat, but opted to take the hike instead.

If I had taken a boat I would have run into two large schools of breaking fish in Two Rock Channel. That was hard to take -- passing that up.

Some clips...